Studio Art


Art created and made into a series of identical forms, and/or varying colors.


the Ambassadors

The Ambassadors are a series of six identical shaped forms but different in color. They're made with mirror polished aircraft aluminum which was bright dipped anodized and cast acrylic.
The Ambassadors were created for clients within the United States and France.



Kristofer Lamey next to his SMPTE  color bars during his 2010 Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) exhibit.

Color matched, powder coated aluminum panels, fit onto a coated aluminum mounting plate. The panels are separated by an 1/8 inch gap designed to release the large form of its visual weight and allow the work to seem as a collection of floating colors.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) color bars is a test pattern used in the television industry to calibrate broadcasting equipment. Now, nearly obsolete in this digital age, it still lives on in the memories of a a few generations of TV viewers who all witnessed a time when late night television stopped broadcasting. Today's newer generation may never have the opportunity to develop a relationship with this playful pattern in this world of relentless advertisements and infomercials. The SMPTE color bars will live on and hopefully remind us of that nostalgic memory of when television went off the air.

Series of Six, including Blue Gun

72”H x 96.5" W x 1.25" D (183 cm x  245 cm x 3 cm)



Ladder standing at Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA

The Ladder is a symbol of life and work to me. It’s a tool used to achieve height and composed of straight lines. It is an elegant expression of the properties the square. My Ladders are “fit” together without fasteners. I use only the tension created in joining the materials together. This allows me to assemble the form without glue, screws, etc.

LED’s illuminate the structure. 

Powder coated aluminum and cast acrylic.